Sort it Out specializes in move management including furniture layout, downsizing, packing/unpacking, and hanging art work.  Contact

Furniture Layout

The furniture layout shows exactly what will fit in your new home.  Your furniture will be measured and photographed.  A “to-scale” layout is created by an Interior Designer with your input.  These photographs are later used for “memory placement” of collectibles and daily items.


We  assist you in sorting  your home at your speed.  It helps to have someone to exchange memories with.  We crawl under the beds, and into the garage attic; you make the choices.  Sort it Out! will recommend charities, antique dealers, and furniture buyers.

  • Donate if the condition’s good, but you don’t use it.
  • Family:  Anything they want!  Photos and family items.
  • Items to sell:  good condition and marketable.


Each room is packed by categories (linens, breakables, decorative, etc), and  each box is labeled on two sides with the room and category.  Boxes are stacked in an area not in your way.

Move Supervision

Move morning an Assistant packs last minute items, including your refrigerator. The cooler is the last to go on the truck and the first to come off.At your new residence the assistant coordinates with the mover for furniture and box placement in each room.


Kitchens and bathrooms are unpacked first.  We make your bed, plug-in your lamps and phones, and hang your clothing in the closet.  Photographs are used to create “memory placement” of both collectibles and daily items.  We unpack all your boxes and  remove the packing material that day!

Before we leave, a walk-through makes sure you know where everything is.  We are always available by phone for the elusive item you can’t find.

Hanging Art work

We stack your art work in a safe place, and schedule a date to hang.   Our attention to detail should make it feel like home soon.

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